MingChuan Machinery fertilizer production knowladge What Is Dry Granulator And Application for Fertilizer Production?

What Is Dry Granulator And Application for Fertilizer Production?

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Dry granulator is a piece of equipment used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and fertilizers, to create granules from powders without the need for a liquid solution. This process, known as dry granulation, is particularly useful for materials that are sensitive to moisture or heat. Here’s a more detailed look into dry granulators and their application in fertilizer production:

What is a Dry Granulator?

Dry granulator compacts powder into granules through the application of mechanical pressure. This process involves the following main steps:

  1. Compaction: The powder is compressed into a solid mass (compacts) using two counter-rotating rollers.
  2. Size Reduction: The compacts are then broken down into granules of the desired size using milling or other mechanical methods.

Types of Dry Granulator

  1. Roller Compactors: These are the most common type of dry granulator. They consist of two rollers that compress the powder into a compact sheet or ribbon, which is then milled into granules.
  2. Slugging: This method involves compressing the powder into large tablets (slugs), which are then broken down into granules. This method is less commonly used due to its lower efficiency compared to roller compaction.

Advantages of Dry Granulation

  • No Need for Binder or Solvent: Unlike wet granulation, dry granulation does not require binders or solvents, making it ideal for materials sensitive to moisture.
  • Cost-Effective: It reduces the need for drying equipment and associated energy costs.
  • Improved Product Stability: Suitable for heat-sensitive materials as it does not involve high temperatures.
  • Consistent Granule Size: Provides uniform granule size, which is crucial for downstream processes.

Applications in Fertilizer Production

In fertilizer production, dry granulators are used to produce granules from powdered raw materials, such as:

  • Mineral Fertilizers: Creating granules from powdered minerals like potash, phosphates, and micronutrients.
  • Organic Fertilizers: Processing organic materials, such as compost or manure, into granulated products.

Key Considerations for Using Dry Granulator in Fertilizer Production

  1. Material Characteristics: Understanding the flow properties, compressibility, and particle size distribution of the powder is crucial for effective granulation.
  2. Roller Surface Design: The surface texture and material of the rollers should be chosen based on the properties of the powder to ensure efficient compaction.
  3. Granule Size Distribution: Ensuring the desired granule size is achieved through appropriate milling and screening processes.

Example of a Dry Granulation Process for Fertilizers

  1. Feed Preparation: Powdered fertilizer materials are prepared and blended to achieve the desired nutrient composition.
  2. Compaction: The powder blend is fed into the roller compactor, where it is compressed into a ribbon or sheet.
  3. Granulation: The compacted material is then milled to break it down into granules.
  4. Screening: The granules are screened to separate them by size, with oversized granules being re-milled and undersized particles recycled back into the process.
  5. Final Product Handling: The granules are then packaged and stored for distribution.


Dry granulator play a vital role in the production of fertilizers, offering a cost-effective and efficient method for transforming powders into granules. Their ability to handle moisture and heat-sensitive materials makes them indispensable in modern fertilizer manufacturing, ensuring high-quality granules that meet industry standards.

Double roller Extrusion granulator
Double roller Extrusion granulator(Dry granulator)
Double roller Extrusion granulator
Double roller Extrusion granulator(Dry granulator)
Double roller Extrusion granulator
Double roller Extrusion granulator(Dry granulator)

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