MingChuan Machinery Rotary Drying,Cooling &Coating Machines

Rotary Drying,Cooling &Coating Machines

Fertilizer rotary drying, cooling, and coating machines are specialized equipment used in the production of fertilizers to dry, cool, and coat the granules or particles. These machines are commonly used in the fertilizer industry to enhance the quality, stability, and appearance of the final fertilizer product. Here’s an overview of each process:

  1. Rotary Drying: Rotary drying is a process used to remove excess moisture from the fertilizer granules. The drying machine, typically a rotary drum dryer, consists of a rotating drum that exposes the granules to hot air. As the drum rotates, the hot air circulates through the granules, evaporating the moisture and reducing the moisture content to the desired level. This helps improve the storage and handling characteristics of the fertilizer.
  2. Cooling: After the drying process, the fertilizer granules may still be hot. Cooling machines are used to reduce the temperature of the granules to prevent any further chemical reactions or moisture absorption. Typically, a rotary cooler or a fluidized bed cooler is used for this purpose. The cooler circulates ambient or cool air through the granules, effectively reducing their temperature and ensuring the granules are safe for storage and packaging.
  3. Coating: Coating machines are used to apply a protective or functional coating to the surface of the fertilizer granules. The coating can serve several purposes, including improving the appearance, preventing moisture absorption, reducing dust formation, controlling release rates, or providing specific nutrients or additives. Coating machines can utilize various methods such as spraying, tumbling, or fluidized bed techniques to evenly distribute the coating material onto the granules.

These machines can be operated independently or as part of an integrated fertilizer production line. They are designed to handle different types of fertilizers, including organic and inorganic formulations, and can be customized to meet specific production requirements. The drying, cooling, and coating processes are crucial in optimizing the quality, stability, and marketability of the final fertilizer product. It’s important to note that the specific design, capacity, and features of these machines can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific needs of the fertilizer production process.

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryRotary Drying Machine

Rotary dryer is one of the traditional drying equipments. It has reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal washing, fertilizer, ore, sand, clay, kaolin, sugar, etc. Field, diameter: Φ1000-Φ4000, the length is determined according to the drying requirements. In the center of the tumble dryer, the breaking mechanism can be avoided, and the wet material entering the drying cylinder is repeatedly picked up and thrown by the copy board on the wall of the rotating cylinder, and is broken into fine particles by the dispersing device during the falling process. The specific area is greatly increased, and it is in full contact with the hot air and dried.

Performance characteristics

  • 1.The distribution and angle of the lifting plate of the rotary dryer are reasonable and the performance is reliable, so the heat energy utilization rate is high and the drying is uniform.
  • 2.The rotary dryer has a large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost.
  • 3.The rotary dryer equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces wear and power consumption.
  • 4.The dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can quickly dry materials with high temperature hot air. The scalability is strong and the design takes into account the production margin.

Working principle

The rotary dryer is mainly composed of a rotating body, a lifting plate, a transmission device, a supporting device and a sealing ring. The dried wet material is sent to the hopper by a belt conveyor or a bucket elevator, and then fed through the hopper through the feeding pipe into the feed end. The slope of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material so that the material flows smoothly into the dryer. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal. The material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and is in countercurrent contact with the material, and the heat carrier and the material are simultaneously flowed into the cylinder. As the rotating material of the cylinder is moved by gravity to the lower end. During the forward movement of the wet material in the cylinder body, the heat supply of the heat carrier is directly or indirectly obtained, so that the wet material is dried, and then sent out at the discharge end through a belt conveyor or a screw conveyor.


Rotary Dryer/Rotary Drum Dryer

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryRotary Dryer/Rotary Drum Dryer

Technical Data Sheet of rotary dryer

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryFertilizer Rotary Cooling machines

Rotary drum cooler is a new generation of high efficiency cooling machine developed by our staff for many years of compound fertilizer production experience. It is paired with the rotary drum dryer for cooling the fertilizer particles in a certain temperature and particle size during the production process of compound fertilizer. This rotary drum cooler can greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, improve the yield, further to remove part of water and reduces the fertilizer particle temperature. At the same time, it can also be used for the cooling of other powdery and granular materials. The equipment is with compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance and adaptable to any materials.

Working Principles:

The main motor drives the belt and pulley and transform the energy to the driving shaft through reducer, then the counter gears installed on the driving shaft are drove to meet the large gear that installed on the machine body, so that these gears began to rotate to opposite directions to drive the body began to work. The material is added from the feed end to the inner part of the barrel. Under the influence of the draft fan (match with the machine), the air flow in the cylinder body is accelerated, and the lifting plate installed on the inner wall of the whole body continuously turns the material up, so as to achieve the goal of uniform cooling. The cooled material flows out of the discharge port, and the material continues to enter as the motor continues to rotate so that mass production can be achieved.

fertilizer Rotary cooling machine
fertilizer Rotary cooling machine
fertilizer Rotary cooling machine
Rotary cooling machine
rotary drying
rotary drying

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryTechnical Data Sheet of Rotary cooler/Rotary Drum cooler

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryRotary Fertilizer Coating Machine

The fertilizer coating machine is composed of a screw conveyer, a stirring tank, an oil pump and a host machine and so on. Powder or liquid coating process, can effectively prevent the caking of compound fertilizer. According to the technical requirements, we has made a special design on the inner structure. The main lining of the machine adopts polypropylene lining or acid proof stainless steel. It is an effective equipment for compound fertilizer.

Working Principles:

The main motor drives the belt and pulley and transfer the energy to the driving shaft through the speed reducer. The counter gears installed on the driving shaft meet with the large gears fixed on the body of the coating machine and rotating reversely, which make the machine body start to work. The material is added from the feed end to the inside of cylinder, mixing with powder (liquid) and finally flow out from the discharge port.

The machine can be divided into five parts:

  1. Bracket part: The whole rotating part of the machine is supported by the bracket part, so it suffers more stress. Therefore the bracket part of the coating machine is welded by the medium carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed through the strict quality control and special process requirements, so as to achieve the using purpose of this machine.
  2. Transmission part: The transmission part is especially important to the whole granulator, for the whole work of the machine all depend on it. All the transmission frame of Shunxin fertilizer coating machine are welded by high quality channel steel, and have adopted the strict quality requirements. The main motor and reducer installed on the transmission frame are all ISO national inspection free products, so the quality is reliable.
  3. Large gear: The gear fixed on the machine body, ratcheting with the small drive gears, to drive the machine body to work. We adopt high-tech wear-resistant materials to extent the service life of the machine.
  4. Rolling belt: They are fixed on both sides of the body to support the whole machine.
  5. Machine body: the most important part of the whole fertilizer coating machine is the body part, which is welded by high quality medium carbon steel plate, and has through strict quality control and specific technological requirements, so as to achieve the using purpose of this machine.
Rotary Coating machine
Rotary Coating machine
rotary drying
rotary drying
rotary drying
MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryFertilizer Coating Machine
Technical Data Sheet of Rotary Drum Coating Machine

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