Rotary Drum Granulator convert powdered or granular materials into larger

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Rotary Drum Granulator

  1. Application: For organic/inorganic fertilizer production
  2. Production Capacity: 2-25 t/h
  3. Applicable Materials:Urea, NPK, Phosphate,lime powder, Bentonite etc.
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The Rotary Drum Granulator is a type of granulation equipment widely used in the fertilizer industry to convert powdered or granular materials into larger, round-shaped granules. It is characterized by its cylindrical drum-shaped design and the ability to produce high-quality and uniform granules efficiently.
The Rotary Drum Granulator operates by rotating a large, inclined cylinder or drum. The raw material is fed into the drum through a feed chute or hopper. As the drum rotates, the material tumbles inside, coming into contact with a liquid binder or a spraying system. This binder or solution helps to agglomerate the particles and form larger granules.
Within the drum, there are lifters or flights that lift and cascade the material, ensuring uniform distribution and mixing. The tumbling action, along with the combination of moisture and binder, facilitates the formation of granules. The size of the granules is determined by the drum inclination angle, drum speed, and the amount of binder added.
The Rotary Drum Granulator offers several advantages. Firstly, it can handle a wide range of materials, including various fertilizers, minerals, and industrial waste. It is particularly suitable for materials that require a binder or liquid addition for agglomeration.
Secondly, the granules produced by the Rotary Drum Granulator have uniform size, high strength, and good density. These properties contribute to improved handling, storage, and application efficiency of the granular products. The granules also have enhanced nutrient release characteristics and are less prone to dust generation.
Additionally, the Rotary Drum Granulator operates continuously and has a high production capacity, making it suitable for large-scale fertilizer manufacturing. It is energy-efficient and has low maintenance requirements, contributing to cost-effectiveness and operational reliability.
In summary, the Rotary Drum Granulator is a versatile and efficient granulation equipment used in the fertilizer industry. Its rotating drum design, combined with a binder or liquid addition, facilitates the production of uniform and high-quality granules. The granules produced are well-suited for storage, transportation, and application, making them valuable for agricultural practices and crop nourishment.


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