Flat Die Granulator for biomass pellets&animal feed pellets production

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  • Flat Die Granulator
  • Application: For organic/inorganic fertilizer production/biomass pellets&animal feed pellets production
  • Production Capacity: 1-2t/h
  • Applicable Materials: Organic compost, pig manure,cow manure etc.
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The Flat Die Granulator is a type of granulation machine commonly used in the production of biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. It is named after its distinctive flat die design, which plays a crucial role in the granulation process.
The Flat Die Granulator consists of a flat die, which is a circular plate with numerous small holes or die slots drilled into its surface. The raw material, typically in the form of powdered biomass or feed ingredients, is fed into the granulator. As the die rotates, the material is evenly distributed and forced through the die holes under the pressure exerted by rollers or a press roller.
The granulation process in the Flat Die Granulator involves compression, friction, and extrusion. The pressure generated by the rollers or press roller forces the material through the die holes, resulting in the formation of cylindrical or pellet-shaped granules. The size and shape of the granules can be adjusted by changing the die size and the speed of the die rotation.
One of the key advantages of the Flat Die Granulator is its simplicity and ease of operation. It is typically smaller in size compared to other granulation machines, making it suitable for small-scale or home use. Additionally, it requires lower power consumption and maintenance compared to larger-scale pellet mills.
The granules produced by the Flat Die Granulator are known for their uniform size and density, which contribute to improved handling, storage, and transportation. The granules also have enhanced nutritional value and are easier for animals to digest, making them ideal for animal feed production.
Furthermore, the Flat Die Granulator offers flexibility in terms of the types of materials it can process. It can granulate a wide range of biomass materials, such as sawdust, straw, rice husks, and agricultural residues, as well as various feed ingredients like grains, corn, and soybean meal.
In summary, the Flat Die Granulator is a simple and efficient granulation machine used for the production of biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. Its flat die design, coupled with compression and extrusion forces, enables the transformation of powdered materials into uniform and high-quality granules.


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