Agitated Teeth Granulator

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  • Application: For organic/inorganic fertilizer production
  • Production Capacity: 1-10 t/h
  • Applicable Materials: Organic compost, pig manure,cow manure etc.
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Agitated Teeth Granulator, also known as the Stirring Teeth Granulator or Toothed Granulation Machine, is a type of granulation equipment used in various industries, including fertilizer production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical processing. This granulator is designed to agitate and mix materials, while utilizing the teeth-like blades or agitators to break down particles and form granules.
The Agitated Teeth Granulator offers several advantages in the granulation process. It can effectively mix and homogenize materials, ensuring a consistent composition throughout the granules. The teeth-like agitators create a kneading and grinding action, promoting the formation of denser and more uniform granules. This granulation machine is suitable for both dry and wet granulation processes.
In the agricultural sector, the Agitated Teeth Granulator is often used for the production of fertilizer granules. It can process various types of materials, such as organic waste, livestock manure, or chemical compounds, and convert them into compact and easily manageable granules. These granules can then be applied to the soil, providing essential nutrients to plants and improving crop yields.
Overall, the Agitated Teeth Granulator is an efficient and versatile machine for granulating materials in industries that require particle size enlargement or the formation of granules with specific characteristics. Its design and operation contribute to the production of high-quality granules suitable for various applications.


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