MingChuan Machinery Powder organic fertilizer production line

Powder organic fertilizer production line

powder organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment and processes designed to produce powdered organic fertilizers. Powder organic fertilizers are finely ground organic materials that provide essential nutrients to plants in a form that is easily absorbed by their roots. Here are the key components and processes typically involved in a powder organic fertilizer production line:

  1. Raw Material Preparation: The first step is to collect and prepare the organic materials that will be used as the main ingredients for the fertilizer. This can include various organic materials such as animal manure, crop residues, food waste, and compost.
  2. Crushing and Grinding: The raw materials need to be crushed and ground into a fine powder to enhance their solubility and nutrient availability. This process is typically done using a crusher or grinder to reduce the particle size of the organic materials.
  3. Mixing and Blending: The powdered organic materials are thoroughly mixed and blended to ensure a homogeneous composition. This step helps to distribute the nutrients evenly and achieve a consistent quality in the final product. A mixing machine or blender is commonly used for this purpose.
  4. Screening and Packaging: The final step is to screen the powder to remove any oversized or undersized particles, ensuring a consistent size distribution. The screened powder fertilizer are then ready for packaging. The packaging can be done in bags, sacks, or other containers suitable for storage, transportation, and distribution.

Additionally, the production line may include auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, dust collectors, and control systems to automate and optimize the production process.It’s important to note that the specific equipment and processes used in a powder organic fertilizer production line can vary depending on the scale of production, the specific requirements of the fertilizer formulation, and the available resources.

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryPowder organic fertilizer production line

Powder organic fertilizer production line

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryOrganic fertilizer raw materials:

  • 1. Agricultural waste: such as straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, mushroom residue, biogas residue, fungus residue, lignin residue, etc.
  • 2. Livestock and poultry manure: such as chicken manure, cattle, sheep and horse manure, rabbit manure.
  • 3. Industrial waste: such as distiller’s grains, vinegar grains, cassava residue, sugar residue, furfural residue, etc.
  • 4. Domestic waste: such as food waste, etc.
  • 5. Urban sludge: such as river sludge, sewage sludge, etc. China’s organic fertilizer raw materials classification: mushroom residue, kelp residue, phosphorus citric acid residue, cassava residue, sugar aldehyde residue, amino acid humic acid, oil residue, shell powder, etc., and peanut shell powder.
  • 6. The development and utilization of biogas slurry and residue is one of the important contents of biogas promotion. According to many years of experiments, the utilization of biogas slurry and residue has many functions such as improving soil, preventing pests and diseases, and increasing yield.

Advantages of powder organic fertilizer production line:

  • 1. Fit for new starter in fertilizer making field.
  • 2. Small investment, high return.
  • 3. If you want to expand the scale of production or transform into granular fertilizer into a production line, the powder fertilizer production equipment can still be used without waste.
  • 4. The organic matter content is high, which has a significant effect of improving soil and fertilizing.
  • 5. The nutrients contained are comprehensive, but the content is low, and the fat is small.
  • 6. The fertilizer supply time is long, the fertilizer effect is slow and lasting.
  • 7. It can fully integrate with the soil to form an organic complex, so the loss is small and the utilization rate is high.

powder organic fertilizer production line:

The powder organic fertilizer production line is one of the simple organic fertilizer production lines, also known as small-scale organic fertilizer production lines. The powdery organic fertilizer production line is suitable for many small farms, and its configuration is dehydration, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing, and packaging. . The technological process is to ferment, decompose, crush, mix and package organic fertilizer raw materials, animal manure or domestic garbage, sludge, distiller’s grains, biogas residue, etc., so as to complete the processing of powdered organic fertilizer.

powder organic fertilizer production line process details

Fermentation ProcessAt the beginning of the fermentation, about 60% of the material moisture enters the fermentation tank or stacked. The neophilia microorganisms in the compost use soluble and easily degradable organic matter as a source of nutrition and energy, rapidly proliferate, and release thermal energy, which causes the temperature of the compost to rise continuously.
When the material temperature reaches 60 degrees, the compost turner starts to turn the material.    During the turning process, the bacteria are fully exposed to oxygen to accelerate the reproduction of bacteria and reduce the moisture of the material.
Until the temperature does not exceed about 50 degrees, stop fermentation and leave it there for 5-7 days, then the fermentation process is finished.
This whole fermentation process is about 20-25 days, but it depends on the condition of the materials and the local temperature.
Forklift FeederThe function of this machine is to store the fermented materials and deliver the materials evenly and quantitatively to the next conveyor. The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which can adjust the conveying speed of the belt conveyor. An anti-smashing net is added inside the silo, and the filling material is slowly spilled into the silo to prevent large pieces of material from damaging the equipment. The middle and lower parts of the silo are equipped with anti-blocking stirring device and silo wall vibrator to prevent blocking.
Crushing ProcessVertical crusher, the function of this machine is to crush the fermented material into powder of more than 40 mesh, and the moisture of the material should be controlled below 40%.
Screening ProcessRotary screening machine, the function of this machine is to screen the crushed materials, and the finished materials will enter the next link. Because the semi-wet materials are screened, the screen holes are easy to block, and anti-blocking hitting devices are generally installed (same power as the main shaft). Large lumpy or granular materials sieved out can be fermented again or discarded according to their components. The mesh hole is 3-5 mm, and the material moisture is less than 20%, you can use 1 mm mesh, depending on the situation.
Cache Silo
The function of this machine is to store finished organic fertilizer materials. The machine is equipped with frequency converter to adjust the conveyor speed. It can realize the control of the packaging scale with electrical appliances to transport the materials as needed, and stop the transportation without the need to ensure that the powder packaging scale has a certain amount of materials at any time without causing blocking.
Packaging ProcessPowdery packaging scale, the function of this machine is to quantitatively pack the finished materials (20-50 kg), with bucket (weigh the weight before the card bag, and directly drop the material after the card bag) and without bucket (the blank material after the card bag) Weighing) Two models, there are bucket scales equipped with automatic folding machine, automatic sewing machine, automatic cutting machine, only one person is required to operate.
Raw materials for organic fertilizer production

Raw materials for organic fertilizer production

 organic fertilizer production
 organic fertilizer production

powder organic fertilizer production line

 organic fertilizer production

powder organic fertilizer production line


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