MingChuan Machinery fertilizer production knowladge Introduction to Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment and Pricing

Introduction to Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment and Pricing

We provide detailed information on the pricing of organic fertilizer production equipment for those interested in investing in organic fertilizer production.

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When considering the price of a complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment, it can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on various factors. Allow me to present a few case scenarios to give you an idea of the specific prices and determine which situation applies to you.

Basic Equipment for Fermentation of Organic Fertilizer:

For small-scale organic fertilizer production without the need for sophisticated packaging and sales, the focus is primarily on the fermentation process. There are three forms of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment available:

  • Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tanks: These tanks are suitable for situations with strict environmental requirements and high fermentation efficiency. The tanks can produce a batch of raw materials in as little as 8 hours. The smallest tank with a processing capacity of 5 cubic meters costs approximately 25,000USD
  • Self-propelled Turner: Self-propelled turners come in both wheeled and crawler types, with the crawler type being the most commonly used. Crawler turners are ideal for open field operations and offer large processing capacity and mobility. The price for a crawler turner is around 8,000 USD.
crawler compost turner organic fertilizer production
  • Trough-type Turner: Trough-type turners are stable in operation and can handle multiple material troughs. They are capable of large-scale production and provide uniform turning. The price for the smallest 2-meter trough-type turner is around 30,000 RMB.

Production of Powdered Organic Fertilizer:

Powdered organic fertilizer production involves fine crushing after the fermentation process. The required equipment includes a fermentation turner, loader bunker, semi-wet material crusher, rotary drum screener, and automatic packaging scale. The smallest set of powdered organic fertilizer production equipment costs around 40,000 USD

Production of Powdered Organic Fertilizer:

Production of Granular Organic Fertilizer:

Granular organic fertilizer production is the most complex process, building upon the fermentation and powdered organic fertilizer processes. Therefore, it requires a comprehensive set of equipment, including a fermentation turner, loader bunker, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, rotary drum screener, coater, and automatic packaging machine. The price for the smallest set of complete granular organic fertilizer production equipment is around 120,000 USD

The above information provides a general overview of the prices of organic fertilizer production equipment. However, please note that these are starting prices, as the configuration of the complete set of equipment can vary based on specific requirements. We understand that each situation is unique, and we are dedicated to tailoring our offerings to meet your specific needs.

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