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Disc Granulator for organic fertilizer production


Disc Pan GranulatorDisc Granulator is a type of equipment commonly used in the production of granular materials, including NPK compound fertilizers, organic fertilizer. It is specifically designed to convert powdered or granulated materials into larger, spherical granules with a uniform size and shape.

The disc granulator consists of a rotating disc mounted on a central shaft. The disc is inclined at a certain angle and has a series of shallow compartments or disc sections along its circumference. The powdered or granulated materials are continuously fed onto the rotating disc, and as the disc rotates, the materials are subjected to centrifugal force and gravity.

The rolling motion of the materials on the disc, combined with the friction and adhesion between particles, causes them to agglomerate and form spherical granules. The size of the granules is determined by the angle of inclination, the rotation speed of the disc, and the moisture content of the materials. The granules are then discharged from the disc and can undergo subsequent drying, cooling, and screening processes if necessary.

Disc Granulator

Disc Pan GranulatorDisc granulator offer several advantages in fertilizer production:

  1. High Granulation Efficiency: The disc design provides a large surface area for particle interaction, resulting in high granulation efficiency and uniform granule size distribution.
  2. Adjustable Angle and Rotation Speed: The angle of inclination and rotation speed of the disc can be adjusted to control the size and density of the granules, allowing for flexibility in meeting specific product requirements.
  3. Continuous Operation: The disc granulator operates in a continuous manner, allowing for high productivity and consistent output.
  4. Low Power Consumption: The energy consumption of a disc granulator is relatively low compared to other granulation methods, making it a cost-effective option.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: Disc granulators are versatile and can be used to produce various granular materials, including fertilizers, feed pellets, and mineral ores.

It’s worth noting that disc Granulators are just one type of equipment used in the production of granular materials. Different granulation methods, such as drum granulation or extrusion granulation, may be more suitable depending on the specific requirements of the production process.

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