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A fertilizer crusher, also known as a fertilizer pulverizer, is a machine used to crush and grind raw materials into smaller particles for further processing in fertilizer production. It is an essential piece of equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process, as it helps in preparing materials for granulation or mixing.The fertilizer crusher is designed to break down various types of materials, including organic materials, agricultural waste, compost, and other raw materials used in fertilizer production. It reduces the size of the materials by applying mechanical force, such as impact, compression, or shearing.There are different types of fertilizer crushers available, each with its own features and applications. Some common types include:

  1. Chain Crusher: This type of crusher uses chains mounted on a horizontal shaft to break down materials through impact and grinding. It is suitable for crushing lumpy and hard materials.
  2. Hammer Crusher: A hammer crusher uses high-speed rotating hammers to impact and crush materials. It is commonly used for crushing organic materials, crop straws, and other soft to medium-hard materials.
  3. Cage Crusher: The cage crusher features a cage with multiple rotating blades or rods that strike and crush the materials. It is often used to crush bulk materials and fertilizer lumps.
  4. Vertical Crusher: This crusher has a vertical shaft and uses the principle of impact and grinding to crush materials. It is suitable for crushing materials with high moisture content and fibrous materials.
  5. Half-Wet Material Crusher: This crusher is specifically designed for crushing organic materials with high moisture content. It helps in breaking down wet materials and making them suitable for further processing.

The selection of the appropriate fertilizer crusher depends on factors such as the type and characteristics of the materials, desired particle size, production capacity, and specific requirements of the fertilizer production process.

It is important to ensure proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the fertilizer crusher to maintain its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. Additionally, safety precautions should be followed when operating the machine to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

Overall, a fertilizer crusher is an essential machine in the fertilizer production line, as it helps in breaking down raw materials into smaller particles, facilitating the subsequent processes of granulation, mixing, and blending.

According to your different Raw materials we will recommend the best suitable crusher for you. We have New type Vertical Shaft Impact Organic Fertilizer Crusher; High Moisture raw materials crusher; Chain crusher; straw crusher; mobile Garden waste &green plant crusher and so on

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryNew type Vertical Crusher


MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryVertical Type Crusher

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryTechnical Data Sheet of Vertical Type Crusher

ModelPower(Kw)Capacity(T/H)Inlet Size(mm)particle Size (mm)Dimensions (mm)
Vertical Type Crusher Technical Data Sheet

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryDouble Stage Hammer Crusher

Double stage hammer crusher is also called two-stage hammer crusher, which is equivalent to two hammer crushers. It is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used to produce bricks and tiles. The purpose is that the equipment can easily crush high-humidity coal, shale,cinder and other materials to facilitate the production of bricks and tiles.Double-rotor and double-motor, the discharge is more even and delicate. No screen bottom can solve the problems of crushing high-humidity materials without clogging, large discharge particle size, and large output.

Double Stage Hammer Crusher Features

  • 1. The output particle size is below 3 mm,and the size below 2 mm accounts for more than 90%. The particles are uniform and adjustable, especially suitable for the production of porous bricks and thin-walled bricks.
  • 2. Two-stage crushing with dual rotors, no screen grate, no blocking of wet material
  • 3. The hammer head and the liner can adjust the gap in both directions to control the discharge size at any time
  • 4. Double shafts and double flywheels, stable operation and large inertia, saving more than 20% of electricity
  • 5. Hydraulic opening and closing the casing,saving time and effort for hammer replacement and maintenance

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryDouble Stage Hammer Crusher

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryDouble Stage Hammer Crusher

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryTechnical Data Sheet of Double Stage Hammer Crusher

ModelCapacity(T/H)Hammer(pcs)Motor Power(Kw)Granularity
MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryDouble Stage Hammer Crusher Technical Data Sheet

MingChuan Fertilizer MachineryStraw&Green plant waste crusher

fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher

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